Wells Of Praise
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Our Journey...

We began by meeting up once a month in our town, inviting different people and musicians to lead us in praise each time - but always with the same aim: to give God praise, and to seek Him and hear his voice, to wait upon him, and allow the Holy Spirit space to move amongst us and speak through us...

What then happened has been an amazing journey!

The presence of God became so real among us, hearing His voice through prophetic words and passages read from the Bible, stirring and intimate worship times as well as exuberant and joyful praise, and people receiving inner and physical healings!
Ordinary people connecting with an extraordinary Father God...
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Ezekiel 47:12
Things We’re Learning Along The Way...

As the purpose of these events are always simply to glorify God then success would never be determined by numbers so if at any time, only the worship team showed up it would still be as equally successful than if a hundred showed up because God would still be glorified during that regular timeframe to meet with Him.
We have found that generally speaking it is best to secure a neutral venue for such events. This is for several reasons - if it is in a church there is a tendancy for folks to associate it with a particular style of worship or approach e.g. it is a Church of Scotland thing or a Baptist thing etc. We want it just to be seen as a Holy Spirit thing. If it is Church based it can lead to restrictions and demands being placed upon it by different committee bodies or church leaders etc. So, as a general observation, it has proven to work best in a neutral venue in the heart of the community e.g. community hall or similar community based facility.
Some time of fellowship before and after the event is good to establish with a cup of tea/coffee etc. The actual praise/input time has been shown to work best when given an hour and half to two hours which allows sufficient time for people to receive and move in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

...Each time we meet, we’re learning new things - that’s part of the adventure!